We are improving access to and from of the airport ramp, outside of normal business hours.

Going Green

    • October 2020
      • Currently we are updating the Terminal inside lighting from Fluorescent to LED tubes. This not only reduces to power consumption by half, but increases the light output, eliminates the ballasts and flicking in the old units
    • August 2020
      • The Terminal Front Overhang has been Updated from high output metal-halide bulbs to integrated LED units.
    • With the Runway Extension Project most all of the airfield lighting has been updated to LED systems.
    • Reducing Waste:
      • Early this spring a fuel sump reclamation system was installed. This allows the fuel from our morning quality control checks to be re-filtered and returned to the fuel farm for use.
      • This equates to a savings of around $10,000 a year and a lot less waste fuel having to be disposed of.

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